Job: Production Control Lead

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Title Production Control Lead
Salary $60-75K
Location OH
Job Information

1.Delivery date management regarding overseas factories’ shipments

・Confirm Air shipments to make sure the arrival is on PO delivery date. Coordinate/Arrange Air shipments and communicate with Forwarders if necessary, regarding delayed shipments due to any problems with ocean shipment, and/or domestic train transportation

・Delivery status management for ocean shipments, domestic train transportation, and air shipments

2.Confirmation of the inventory status for the customer shipments

・Confirm whether the sufficient inventory is secured for customer orders

・In case the inventory shortage is expected due to sudden increase in customer orders or the delayed shipments. report such situations to the supervisor

3.Communication with/report to the customers

・When customer order greatly changes, confirm the reason/the background and obtain correct information

・When any delayed shipments to customer are expected, inform the customer the details of the situation and explain how the company is handling it in advance

・Set up New Mode products information, obtain the information of Build-Out Models

4.System operation

・Upload customers’ orders, enter customer shipment instructions, update shipment status/activities, the place orders to overseas factories, update inventory status

5.Purchasing order control

・Confirm when the ordered products are needed, as well as the order quantities, based on a customer order and the inventory status. Place orders to the factories and the local suppliers

6.Outsourcing warehouse management

・Instruct and communicate with Outsourcing warehouse when an inquiry and negotiations are needed, regarding such as new models, any design changes, inventory status, supplier shipment situations

7.Document issuance

・Create/issue documents regularly about main KPI items such as the inventory status, shipment management, labor cost, distribution costs, etc.

■ Required Skills

・Professional level English: Ability to obtain accurate information from customers; when any problem occur, instead of agreeing everything with the customer, and to negotiate with customers based on the policy of the company

・Professional level Japanese: Ability to communicate with Japanese head office and overseas factories with accuracy

・With high team spirit and flexibility, Ability to work with minimum supervision/self-motivator: Not only about the position tasks, ability to see overall business goals and the situations of related internal/external team, and set/achieve the personal goals with cooperation and flexibility

・Detail oriented with accuracy in numbers: Understand the relationship among purchase, sales, and inventory activities

・Schedule awareness: Ability to control products purchases based on customer orders considering Date of arrival, Date of shipment, and the lead time that transportation takes

・System understanding and operation: Ability to understand and operate logistics systems with some experience with controlling the masters, receiving customer orders, placing purchase orders, updating inventory status.

・Intermediate Microsoft Excel skill: Understand/create formulas such as SUM, SUMIF, VLOOKUP, and Pivot Table

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